This is on my list: New food pantry in Red Bank

I love getting mail from folks about sharing food and sharing the table!

Anne Travis sent this message a couple of weeks ago, about a new food pantry in a town on the north side of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have missed the grand opening and weekly fellowship dinners, but I would love to visit the pantry sometime. You should, too!

Here’s what Anne said. The message line was, “Do you know about?”

Annette, are you aware of the new Red Bank Food Pantry that is being started by Red Bank United Methodist Church in Chattanooga? The “grand opening” is Oct. 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Watching the birth has been an interesting process, and the entire community has participated, not just Red Bank United Methodist Church. Several other churches and many local restaurants have been involved and have made significant donations. The biggest fundraiser for the Food Pantry was a free community meal held at a local park, with all food and entertainment donated.

Also, this summer (and through the end of October), Red Bank has hosted a Wednesday night weekly free meal and worship service in the Red Bank city park. The entire community is invited (including pets), and all the food is prepared by one lady who is a member of Red Bank BUMC. 

I know you’ve been doing a lot around food and feeding ministries lately. Thought you might be interested if you didn’t know about this one.

I do know about this food pantry, actually. The Chattanooga Times Free Press did a great story in June on the pastor, Ken Sauer, who helped start both the new Red Bank food pantry and previously, the East Ridge Community Food Pantry.

These two fundraisers are supporting the launch of the Red Bank Food Pantry (Times Free Press, June 10, 2019)

Volunteers help people in need “shop” for food at the food pantry established in East Ridge by East Ridge United Methodist and another church. (Times Free Press)

Ken is Anne’s son-in-law. He’s always doing good stuff. I’m glad Anne gave me an update! I just visited the Facebook page for Red Bank Community Food Pantry and found these great photos:

Thanks, Anne.

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