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  • Trying to feed people in a world changed by coronavirus - A lot of good people want to help others during the pandemic, but the question is … How do you do that without spreading the virus? Several United Methodist groups have found what they hope are temporary, safe solutions for getting meals to people who need it. At Kingston United Methodist Church, a group of... Continue Reading →
  • Taco casserole for when you can’t hug - Like most of you, I’m separated from family during the coronavirus pandemic. Both of my adult sons live alone right now, trying to stay away from germs while struggling with the social isolation. One is staying in Chattanooga. One is in downtown Knoxville, right next to Church Street United Methodist Church. One is unemployed because... Continue Reading →
  • ‘Magic bars’ for hospital workers on the front lines - When the churches were closed due to coronavirus, a couple of youth members at Rye Cove United Methodist Church didn’t want to stop reaching out to the community. Allison Vincent, age 12, and Lindsey Vincent, age 11, are part of a youth group that “absolutely loves to cook,” says their mother. Cooking has been a... Continue Reading →
  • Beyond the pimento cheese: Cooking during a pandemic - A week ago, I wrote about pimento cheese. The world had seemed to change overnight due to coronavirus, and I wanted to get that pimento cheese blog written before I dove headfirst into the work that needed to be done for my job and family. I saw a spot-on meme this weekend that said, “What... Continue Reading →
  • Finding a need and filling it with love - Macy Mitchell is making it happen. She’s doing what so many other people are doing right now. She found a need during the coronavirus pandemic and is using her gifts and passion to fill it. Macy says it all started when she checked on her 83-year-old grandfather, who admitted he was depressed. “What can I... Continue Reading →
  • Pimento cheese: A welcome distraction - Let’s talk about pimento cheese. Yes, I know the news is tugging us away to constantly think about something else. I’m trying to force myself to put my smart phone down, but I keep picking it up, searching for good news while the bad news overloads my circuits. My mind careens from place to place... Continue Reading →
  • Here’s a story about a connectional sweet potato - It starts with thousands of potatoes that were dropped on the parking lot at Concord United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, on a chilly Saturday morning in January. The potatoes were gleaned by the Society of St. Andrew, which redistributes produce that would otherwise end up in landfill, so that it can be used to... Continue Reading →
  • Comfort food when you’ve lost a friend - On Friday night, I made two big pans of lasagna. My son said that comfort food was what they needed, and when he thought about comfort food, he thought of lasagna. I had been waiting for such an opportunity, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I didn’t expect it to be so... Continue Reading →
  • How to show hospitality: Part 2 - I appreciate Angel Smith. She wrote me a few weeks ago and offered to share her experience in showing hospitality to church dinner guests. If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’m trying to learn more about serving guests with allergies and sensitivities to gluten. It’s a lot more difficult and complicated than I... Continue Reading →
  • A fruitcake story in place of the fruitcake I never made - I missed out on doing something nice for my husband this Christmas. I didn’t make him a fruitcake. He’s one of the few people I know who loves fruitcake of all kinds. He loves the store-bought version, but when I read about a traditional West Indian “Black Cake” in one of my favorite books —... Continue Reading →

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