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  • Comfort food when you've lost a friend - On Friday night, I made two big pans of lasagna. My son said that comfort food was what they needed, and when he thought about comfort food, he thought of lasagna. I had been waiting for such an opportunity, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I didn’t expect it to be so... Continue Reading →
  • How to show hospitality: Part 2 - I appreciate Angel Smith. She wrote me a few weeks ago and offered to share her experience in showing hospitality to church dinner guests. If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’m trying to learn more about serving guests with allergies and sensitivities to gluten. It’s a lot more difficult and complicated than I... Continue Reading →
  • A fruitcake story in place of the fruitcake I never made - I missed out on doing something nice for my husband this Christmas. I didn’t make him a fruitcake. He’s one of the few people I know who loves fruitcake of all kinds. He loves the store-bought version, but when I read about a traditional West Indian “Black Cake” in one of my favorite books —... Continue Reading →
  • Remember this for next Christmas! Lasagna angels - On Christmas day, the Rev. Asa Hendrickson Majors posted this photo on her Facebook page. She is associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Morristown, Tennessee. Here’s what she said: Just wanted to share this beauty. This is an act of great love from one of our families at church. We aren’t the only... Continue Reading →
  • Sweet nativities in Kodak - Icy roads caused school to be closed on December 11, but that didn’t stop Kodak United Methodist Church from going ahead with its monthly community dinner. Pastor Melissa Smith says it was only the second time the congregation hosted “Kodak Church Night.” Seventy people attended, including eight who are not church members. The idea is... Continue Reading →
  • Meal ministries in unexpected places - On Thanksgiving weekend, an old school friend sent a message that stoked a thought I’ve been thinking for a while. Ginny Fisler sent a screenshot of a social-media story shared by one of her friends, Roy Mesa. Here’s what Roy said: What a great idea! I wanted to know more, and sure enough, I found... Continue Reading →
  • We give you thanks, O Lord. - For food in a world where many walk in hunger; For faith in a world where many walk in fear; For friends in a world where many walk alone; We give you thanks, O Lord. Amen. — From “Blessed Be Our Table” (2003), Anglican Church of Canada — Photo above: Women of Mountain View United... Continue Reading →
  • A chili winner for the winter - Kendall Heath does not like “traditional” chili. So her mother, Staycie, took notice when her 15-year-old daughter came home talking about a white chicken chili that her friend’s mom made. Staycie found a recipe on a site called “Plain Chicken” that was such a hit in her family, she decided to enter the dish in... Continue Reading →
  • Treasured time in a Costa Rican kitchen - I went to Costa Rica last month for my job as a church writer. Want to know my favorite part? I got to work in a Costa Rican kitchen. I helped serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 700 people! No, really. Costa Rica is a beautiful, lush country, and there is much to say about... Continue Reading →
  • This is on my list: New food pantry in Red Bank - I love getting mail from folks about sharing food and sharing the table! Anne Travis sent this message a couple of weeks ago, about a new food pantry in a town on the north side of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have missed the grand opening and weekly fellowship dinners, but I would love to visit the... Continue Reading →

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