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  • This is on my list: New food pantry in Red Bank - I love getting mail from folks about sharing food and sharing the table! Anne Travis sent this message a couple of weeks ago, about a new food pantry in a town on the north side of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have missed the grand opening and weekly fellowship dinners, but I would love to visit the... Continue Reading →
  • On pie and a pathway to healing - Tonight is the first time in a few years that Susan felt like doing a quintessentially autumnal ordinary meal photo, as she likes to say. Sometimes Susan and I think the ordinary things that used to seem fun and heartwarming will never hold any charm or interest again, with the losses we have undergone as... Continue Reading →
  • Potato soup for the first chilly nights of autumn - When autumn finally chills the evening, what do you crave for supper? Could it be potato soup? Scott Ketron posts incredible photos of the cooking he’s been doing since he retired first as Holston Conference clergy and later as an entrepreneur.   Recently, he posted videos and photos of potato soup, which were too appealing... Continue Reading →
  • Making apple butter on Boozy Creek Road - Out on Boozy Creek Road in Blountville, Tennessee, something big happens every fall at Salem United Methodist Church. For the last 40 years, the church has made apple butter. But not just some apple butter. This year, Salem members sliced and cooked 200 bushels of Double Red Rome apples to make 450 gallons of the... Continue Reading →
  • Gluten-free gullible - In retrospect, the blog post I wrote last month about being sensitive and hospitable to gluten-free guests seems incredibly naïve. We had some great responses to our request for gluten-free recipes and tips for church dinners, which I will share here shortly. However, I learned it’s not always practical or realistic to expect to cook... Continue Reading →
  • Chattanooga street buffet - I’m sitting on the sidelines of a meeting at St. Elmo United Methodist Church, talking to a church member. I should be paying closer attention to the meeting, but this guy is fascinating.   Mike Rice is telling me how he put out this beautiful spread of refreshments for what could have been an ordinary... Continue Reading →
  • How to show hospitality to gluten-free guests - For a few months, one of my husband’s daughters had to follow a gluten-free diet. I didn’t take it well, since his other daughter is a vegetarian and his brother was avoiding sugar at the time. Providing a dish for family dinners was a challenge. “Now that’s enough!” I said, when my husband and I... Continue Reading →
  • Y’all come to the table - “Come to the table.” Those are four encouraging words, especially when you’re hungry for something. Even a bad day can end on a high note when you’re called to the table and something good is waiting for you. Gathering around the table to share a meal is so basic and natural to spending time with... Continue Reading →
  • These teenage chefs just made the news! - In July, we told you about a youth cooking class at Colonial Heights United Methodist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. I put it on my list of cooking stories I wanted to write! However, the summertime class was nearing its end, and I was obligated to cover another story in Knoxville on the same night. So... Continue Reading →
  • ¿Por qué cocina Isaac 12 tartas de queso? - (We have translated our story about Isaac and his cheesecakes for our Spanish-speaking friends!) Isaac López cocinó 47 tartas de queso este fin de semana. Debe cocinar 65 tartas de queso más. Isaac, de 12 años, está tratando de ganar suficiente dinero para hacer su primer viaje de misión. La idea para recaudar fondos llegó... Continue Reading →

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