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  • Sharing hospitality through homemade dog treats - If you’ve viewing this story in email, please click on for best presentation and to see all the photos. It was easy to find Sherry Steele, her adorable daughter, and this recipe for homemade dog treats on the internet. All I did was search “methodist dog treats,” which led me straight to Plainfield United Methodist Church... Continue Reading →
  • Peachy keen cookies, pretty enough to pay for an air conditioner - Meg Carter has “never decorated cookies before,” and she doesn’t consider herself to be a great cook. Yet, she and a small band of volunteers are today wrapping up the baking and decorating of 2,200 cookies they hope will sell at a Texas peach festival attracting as many as 60,000 people on July 10. “It... Continue Reading →
  • A little bit of fluff goes a long way - It started out with a humble, home-y side dish in the Easter menu for our drive-thru meal ministry. The enthusiasm for “strawberry fluff salad” led me to write about it for this blog, which led to more enthusiasm. It was exciting when Religion News Service picked up on our recipe and blog and included us... Continue Reading →
  • Potato salad that bombs in a good way - Two years ago, we did an informal survey to identify ingredients for the favorite potato salad for our meal ministry. It’s not what I would choose or expect, but we went with it. The ingredients are simple but seem to blend well so every taste comes singing through the somewhat less-vocal potatoes: dill pickle, onions,... Continue Reading →
  • Sunday dinner for 37 grannies: Cooking with Concord - The bacon-wrapped chicken is making me hungry. And I’m definitely stealing the recipe for cornbread salad. Today I’m a guest in the kitchen at Concord United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our mission is to cook a Sunday dinner for the 37 “grannies” who are served and loved by Wesley House Community Center. Tanda Montgomery,... Continue Reading →
  • Cornbread Salad: Crumbled up and crazy good - The first time I saw cornbread salad at a church dinner, I was reluctant to try it. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ll say you should definitely try this. I couldn’t find the origin, but cookbook writers have wondered if this recipe is related to the old Southern snack enjoyed by our elders —... Continue Reading →
  • In the kitchen with Kitty, making new memories - I learned how to crack an egg at Kitty’s house. I was maybe 10 years old, staying overnight on a weekend. I said I wanted to learn to cook someday. Kitty’s mother decided we could all make brownies together. I was so nervous as Kitty’s mom stood beside me. She instructed me how to gently... Continue Reading →
  • The fluffy sweet salad your grandmother used to make - Somehow, we got into the business of making old-fashioned salads for our free drive-thru meal ministry at a United Methodist church in Knoxville, Tennessee. That may have happened because we have limited oven and storage space, so we aim to have at least one cold dish to make ahead and stash in the refrigerator. At... Continue Reading →
  • Chocolate Easter eggs by the thousands - It’s been years since I did a chocolate Easter egg story. So when I heard the Mt. Olivet United Methodist Women were prepping for a season of peanut butter-mixing and chocolate-dipping, I had to find out more. Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church is located in Galax, Virginia. Nancy Spicer, who the pastor called “the main... Continue Reading →
  • Vegetable casserole with the colors of spring - Martee Buchanan served this casserole to us during a recent visit to the Wesley Foundation at Radford University. I loved the colors in the dish along with the mixture of vegetables and of course, the taste! I like traditional green bean casserole – with the French fried onions and canned soup – but I like... Continue Reading →

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