This is on my list: Kitchen class for youth in Kingsport

Chris Brown sent this message — and great photos! — after he read about our food and faith blog. Chris is pastor at Colonial Heights United Methodist Church in Kingsport, Tennesse :

Hey Annette:

I wanted to share with you a unique ministry at Colonial Heights Kingsport that involves a young adult teaching middle school youth how to cook and clean in the kitchen. The class is called, “Loaves and Fish.”

We have 8 participants who learn how to make dishes like banana bread, chicken pot pie, spaghetti sauce, etc. They’ve shared what they made with neighbors and shut-ins.

I’ve got to get up to Kingsport to see this! Stay tuned.

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Update: These Colonial Heights chefs were featured in the Kingsport Times News on Aug. 25, 2019! Here’s our blog post about it.

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