A little bit of fluff goes a long way

It started out with a humble, home-y side dish in the Easter menu for our drive-thru meal ministry. The enthusiasm for “strawberry fluff salad” led me to write about it for this blog, which led to more enthusiasm.

It was exciting when Religion News Service picked up on our recipe and blog and included us in a fun story about the power of the green fluff salad to bring a little comfort into a pandemic-stricken world. As a writer who interviews people all the the time, I found it interesting (nerve-wracking, educational, humbling — you pick) to be on the other side.

Read the story — “Green fluff brings the taste of church potlucks home” by Emily McFarlan Miller — and let me know what you think! Write to me at annettespence@holston.org. (RNS photo above by Emily McFarlan Miller)

“When it comes to faith and food, you can get really deep about sustainability and gardening and creation care, but I think of food and faith as home and comfort and love and family.”

From ‘Green fluff’ brings taste of church potlucks home

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