Blogs that went on to become video stars

Sometimes our blog stories inspire great video stories!

On April 9, a Knoxville news station did a story follow-up on Macy Mitchell, the schoolteacher who makes home-cooked meals for senior citizens and others who can’t get out during the pandemic. Macy is a member at Bearden United Methodist Church.

We featured Macy’s cooking ministry on March 22 in The Call to Cook. Reporter Don Dare of WATE contacted us after reading about Macy. Here’s his great story:

See the story on WATE.

By the way, Don is lay leader at Fountain City United Methodist Church in Knoxville.

Last September, we wrote about Mike Rice and his “street buffets” for the homeless in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mike a member at St. Elmo United Methodist Church.

Early this year, we were contacted by Lilla Marigza of United Methodist Communications. She read about Mike’s ministry and wanted to do a video story.

Mike’s meal mission has expanded quite a bit since last fall. We love Lilla’s video:

Watch the video from UM Communications.

Keep those story ideas coming! You may reach me directly at


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