Onions and pantyhose go together like … Wait, what?

The photos that come out of Elk Garden School Community Ministry Center are always intriguing. The onions-and-pantyhose post led me to give Rev. Brooke Atchley a call!

Brooke is a Church and Community Worker — a local missionary in The United Methodist Church — who hosts all sorts of mission teams and volunteers at the ministry center she founded in an old school in Rosedale, Virginia. It’s in an area with a high rate of poverty and addiction.

Brooke in the garden!

Elk Garden School Community Ministry has a community garden. Besides providing fresh veggies to their neighbors (they recently gave out 500 cucumbers in one day), Brooke and her volunteers use the garden to make meals for folks who come through on Tuesdays to receive food and other assistance.

Elk Garden recently hosted a team from Project Serve (who stayed at Pleasant View United Methodist in Abingdon). One of their jobs was to tie up the last of the onions from the garden into old pantyhose. The pantyhose will apparently help keep the onions separated and moisture-free.

Here’s an article from Food52 that helps explain: The Surprising Way You Should be Storing Onions. For some of you, this is probably old news. Have you stored your onions this way, too?

We’ll be sharing more of the inspiring food-related ministries happening at Elk Garden. In the meantime, here’s a look at the marinara they made just the other day, using tomatoes from the garden.

“It smells great in here!”
Brooke said.

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