This is on my list: Weekly dinners in Rising Fawn

Grateful for this message from Rose Powell at Rising Fawn United Methodist Church in north Georgia!

Dear Annette:

I wanted to tell you about our Wednesday night meals at Rising Fawn United Methodist Church, which began during the time Steve Doyal was our pastor, over 20 years ago. 

When the dinners started, I for one said, “People will not want to cook this much or this often.” But the meals have lasted for over 20 years with a few tweaks from time to time in the plan.

We now have alternating cooking teams for each Wednesday of the month who provide the food. No money is collected by anyone. Sometimes there’s a menu — sometimes just a hodgepodge of food — but there’s always good food.

This Wednesday program has helped keep our church a close and loving family, and has been an opportunity to invite new people in who may be less likely to come to a Sunday worship service. So if you and Mike get a chance some Wednesday, come eat with us at 6 p.m.

This isn’t cooking related, but Rising Fawn also has several members who are heavily involved in operating Tri-State Food Pantry in Trenton, Georgia, the largest food pantry in Dade County, serving about 280 families a month. So we do have a heart for food and feeding those who may be hungry.

I will be looking for an opportunity to visit at Rising Fawn United Methodist Church on a Wednesday night!

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