Sunday dinner for 37 grannies: Cooking with Concord

If you’ve viewing this story in email, please click on for best presentation and to see all the photos. The bacon-wrapped chicken is making me hungry. And I’m definitely stealing the recipe for cornbread salad. Today I’m a guest in the kitchen at Concord United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our mission is to... Continue Reading →

Good news. We won.

We got some good news last week. The United Methodist Association of Communicators gave this blog a "Best in Class" award for internet communications. The Call to Cook edged out other blogs, social media content, and website nominees submitted by agencies, annual conferences, and local churches throughout the United Methodist denomination. It is a high... Continue Reading →

Cooking for campers

This morning, I helped make a bread pudding using leftover rolls. I cleaned up a breakfast buffet table where 87 campers in the 5th and 6th grades spilled chocolate gravy and dribbled their eggs. Yesterday, I diced tomatoes and cut a sheet cake into 100 slices. I helped stack bottles of tomato ketchup and huge... Continue Reading →

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